Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oh, ho ho ho [Photo Dump!]
I have been absent far too much these days. Each of my usual sites to visit have been neglected and my visits have been sparse. It feels as though most of my time is spent trying to keep the house tidy, trying to make some decent meals, and keep myself semi-stress-free. Unfortunately in doing so, my online life has suffered. It seems as if I barely post or visit hardly any of the sites I used to.

The holiday season has been, surprisingly, nice. Relatively stress free, calm, and enjoyable. Since I live with my father, I only have a few spaces of my own in the house and during the holidays his decorations take over...meaning mine are confined to almost no space. I felt slightly negative about the holidays early in the season and had even said I wasn't going to bother putting up my precious psychedelic silver tree...but then I did. I hate that it's stuffed into a little corner and over half of it is unusable, but I'm so glad I did put it up. It may seem silly, but I enjoy just admiring my funny tree, and all my old (and some newer) ornaments.

The decorations are honestly one of my favourite aspects of this time of year. This time of year up here in Manitoba is very cold, dark, and dreary, so all the lights add just a little happiness and light to what is otherwise a terrible time of year. When the ornaments and lights come down after new years I go into a slight depression and it feels daunting to think about the remaining MONTHS of winter left to suffer through.......but I'll try not to think about that until it happens.

I hardly took any photos with my dslr, but my phone was snapping away. Most of them posted exclusively to my instagram. Sometimes I feel like my phone negatively effects my life...I neglect using my laptop and therefore stop using many of my regular sites. I use my dslr less and less because the phone is just more convenient, which is probably the part that makes me feel the worst. That being said, my eyes are much happier to not stare at the laptop screen just the communicate on certain sites and I suspect I have a few less headaches because of it. Pros and cons, I suppose.

Ah, well. Here's hoping everyone out there had a lovely (and relatively stress-free) holiday season. Here we come, 2015...

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