Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Is Almost Over...
It should come as no surprise that this blog has been so neglected, much like the other parts of my life that I once prided myself upon keeping up.

Halloween is less than a week away now and sales have come to a stop...and I didn't get nearly enough finished and sold. Again, it's no surprise and has been the story of my life this past year. I find myself uncaring about virtually everything and with winter on the way I see less and less to look forward to. I'm still fighting to get my car back (just so that I can sell it and get my money back), my garden is all done, the weather is getting cold, and the pretty leaves are almost entirely finished now. I dread the winter, and every day it gets closer things feel a little more and more hopeless.

There are still many movies and shows that I normally watch this time of year in anticipation of Halloween, and I haven't even the drive to watch half of them yet. The decorations are up, the fabric for my costume is ready to be used, the candy is ready to be handed out, and I still feel...nothing.

On the slight upside, I did buy a cheap smart phone. I finally have a phone that can be used as a phone (the speaker in my old one died...) and use the internets. I even have an instagram account. Go figure.

Self pity, self pity. Happy Ocotober.

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