Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's Grow 2014
This years garden is all about rustic and pops of pretty colours. With my great neglect of this blog, there are a few photos from back in late March when my spring fever started.

After a long, awful winter, I've tried to focus myself on positive thoughts, starting different projects, and making plans. Gardening took over my thoughts and kept me more pre-occupied. I've been having a really hard time caring about anything (seriously, anything.) since the end of 2013 so immersing myself in anything positive is what is keeping me going. While I may not care about much right now, life carries on and I continue to try pulling myself through.

Luckily for me the stores had plenty of pretty, colourful little things to catch my fancy and add a little excitement to my life this year. Colourful square-ish plant pots made of bamboo, a pretty floral trowel, and of course plenty of seeds! I took an old fashioned wooden toolbox that had been sitting on my shelf for ages, and revamped it with a rainbow of paint colours to house all of my seed packets and bits and bobs.

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