Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Graveyard Or Garden?

How absent I have been, it's been almost ages since my last report here...Things have been greatly neglected in my life, many things seeming unimportant as of lately. That's another story, I suppose.

Let's get to something fun, yes? For the past three years that I've been gardening, there has been a fun little idea on my mind. Finally this year I've buttoned down and actually gotten to it. Graveyard garden markers. Brilliant? I know.

These ones were made with some old pieces of wood which had once been part of the fence around our bonfire pit. With years of weathering and ageing, these have just the right look and feel for what was desired. With a little paint they are a quick and easy project for my little garden beds and now there is something interesting to mark out where the carrots, beets, cantaloupes, regular jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and cinderella pumpkins lie. I have yet to make (and plant, for that matter) my corn, but it will come.

I had other ideas in my head of how to go about making these, but with time and funds feeling short, these did the trick just right for this year as well as more to come.

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