Monday, February 10, 2014

Twenty Five
My 25th birthday has come and gone...I rather wish it hadn't happened at all. I'd prefer to go back a year and truly appreciate how much better things were then, and missing my darling, Hades, so much it aches.

Some days are better, and others it feels like I can barely stand it and break down. It seems hardest when sleep evades me and, for some reason, while I'm in my sewing room trying to catch up on a whole lot of work that has been put off these last couple months. Though Igor is always beside me (rather, clawing at my leg and whimpering and whining for attention) it feels so lonely when sewing, without Hades patiently watching out, waiting for the next time we would go outside to work in the garden, walk to the post office, or a car ride in hope of going to the park. I'd give anything to get into the vehicle with him, stinky breath and all, to go to the park and see him so happy again...

That isn't to say that Igor is a bad dog, or that I don't love him, it just isn't the same as it was with Hades...he was so special to me that nothing and no one will ever compare. Igor is slowly adjusting, and slowly learning. Slowly. We are still working on yapping and nagging, he doesn't respond well to anything but treats and being completely ignored. It's not easy, but it's going. In other news, I have decided that Igor will get a friend and brother some time in the spring. By then Igor will, hopefully, be fully adjusted and trained and be a great asset in training a new little one.

Year twenty-five, here we go...

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