Saturday, February 22, 2014

Post Prints
As I may have mentioned before, I swap and collect Halloween postcards each year and as such, have come to find that modern (non-antique reproduction) Halloween themed postcards are difficult to find. When you do find different ones they tend to be rather costly for just one card. In such frustration I realized "why don't I have my own printed up?". A semi annual sale popped up and I decided to get started, and splurged on three designs (one of which was made from a photo of my own great Grandparents, ha!) altered myself from vintage and public domain photographs.

All three designs were professionally printed on recycled matte card stock, which fit nicely for the old style feel I was going for, and space on the back for correspondence, address, and stamp. Simple, yet creep-tastically perfect, I'm feeling quite pleased and have thoughts swirling about what designs to make next time. If all things go well (I really hope so!) more designs will be made and printed in time. Next time I rather hope to go with something a little more colourful. After all, variety is nice.

These postcards (as well as my pumpkin design) are available in my shop now! Also take a peek at my friend Luka's fun-tastically professional superhero postcard prints as well!

Check out each at my shop now...Zombie Couple, Living Dead Nun, Dapper Pumpkinhead, Sketchy Pumpkin, Mixed Lot

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  1. Ooooo I love those! Nice and creeptastic. Might just have to get me some soon. :)