Thursday, November 14, 2013

A light snow fell today, just enough to replace what melted during the beautiful spring day (5 Celsius) we had yesterday. The temperature was still mild again today, giving a good reason to spend just a little time outside snapping photos and running around with Hades. Uneventful, really.

I'm working on getting my priorities figured out, very slowly trying to make myself okay during these circumstances. To start I'm trying to get a steady flow of sewing projects done for the shop and in turn (hopefully) a more steady income. Right now this is top priority and the sooner I can get this together, the sooner I can do what needs to be done.

Once a steady flow of work and income has become regular I can start to think about not only putting money towards my house savings, but also shop around for the right vehicle. As someone who very rarely drives, I don't need anything expensive or too particular...though if it should happen to be a Tracker in decent shape, that would be pretty ideal for my needs. That's some ways away yet, so best not to think too much on it yet.

Now if only I could get an uninterrupted, good nights sleep...

I feel like screaming...

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