Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Nothings
The holiday decorations have started to come out of the closets. Boxes of boxed ornaments are probably my favourite. The fact that some of those old boxes have survived as long as they have is something amazing in itself. Not to mention the old fashioned graphics and overall style of them, or the lack there of in some cases. It's interesting how some things survive so long, and others not at all.

I've been so listless lately, and my mind wandering and flipping all around. I want to get so much done, and yet can't bring myself to near enough accomplished. I could easily spend the entire day laying in bed sleeping, or laying around staring blankly at shiny ornaments. The worst part is when the only thing you look forward to in the day is the moments when you feel angry, because they make sense, and put even the slightest drive into you. I may do some of my best work when I feel angry and unsure like that.

While I stress and regret about my current housing situation a lot, I must admit I feel quite grateful to still be living with my Dad and not having rushed into moving with anyone. In time I will save, and I will have my own home, and it will be on my terms. It will be my own accomplishment, and something that is all mine. Listless as I may be, it is that which I need to focus on to stay sane.

November is coming to an end...Good riddence.

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