Friday, November 22, 2013

My Everything
The winter carries on, with the mercury going up and (sometimes way) down, much like my emotions these days. It seems in one day I can go through a just about every emotion and do it all over the next. I end up just wanting to sleep through the day. Even better would be to sleep through the winter like a bear, and wake up in the spring when the weather is something to enjoy.

I've been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning...I think I could honestly sleep through the day. By sleep I mean that I "fall" asleep, then wake up just about every hour bothered by my own thoughts. Hades is about all I have to get up for. If he wasn't here and didn't have to go out the day would likely be wasted

Hades is a funny little guy. He loves to be close, but he isn't a snuggler. I suppose that's my fault though. When he was a pup he was sleeping on my bed and, well I often move around a lot in my sleep and I suppose I bumped or annoyed him. He woke up and since he was too little to jump off the bed himself he started to howl. My Dad came and took him off the bed while I slept through all his noise, and since then has slept on the floor (or his many beds) near the bed.

Every weekday I walk to the post office to get and send the mail. Usually he comes along, but when it gets to be too cold in the winter he has to stay home for about fifteen minutes at most. Well let me tell you, as I'm walking back up the street I can hear him howling and crying as he sits at my bedroom window at the front of the house. As soon as I get near enough that he can see me again, it goes quiet. He runs down to the door to greet me with tail wags going so fast that it almost is still. It's hard to explain, but it's funny.

It kills me when he's feeling bad, and while his howling and crying while I'm gone can be slightly funny, it also hurts me to know he feels so sad and alone. I feel lucky to work at home and know that he will feel like that as little as possible. He really is the best part of my life...I think I could almost say he's the most genuine companion I'll ever have...

Life may feel awful now, but it makes me all the more grateful that he's here to see me through it.

Here's to you, pal!


  1. Dogs really are the greatest, they're always right there when you need them! And it definitely is great to work at home and have that furry companion always nearby. I dunno about you, but I can't leave much fabric lying around on the floor if my work room door is open, or it'll instantly become another dog bed. Even if it's a foot away from the fleece sheet that's actually the work room bed... Baha. I've been told Maila gets super winey and mopey when I leave the house, even just the half hour to mail things, which is sad but hilariously adorable and heartwarming. Hell, she goes nutso even just when I come back in from taking out the trash.

    Sorry to hear you're still having a rough go of things, but I'm glad you've got your fur butt to help cheer you up. :)

    1. Hades loves piles of fabric or blankets too, though I generally don't have to worry much about him these day. Ever since I took the carpet out of my sewing room, he doesn't like to hang around in there too much (he hates non-carpeted floors), but instead lays on the blanket just outside the room where he can still see me. Though, when I have a pile of clothes on my bed (while putting them away) he likes to think they were put there to be his pillow.

      Thanks, Luka! :)

  2. awww so sweet.I have a dog to.
    And.. seriously, I can't imagine my life without her ...
    "Diamonds are not" the best friends of us, dogs are our best friends :P

    Regards from Barcelona!

    1. Diamonds have nothing a furry friend :)
      Thanks for reading!