Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick Or Treat 2013
The day began with a costume, and a pumpkin carving.

Halloween feels like a rather lonely night for me. Sitting in the kitchen waiting for the next batch of ghouls to ring the bell or knock, desperately thinking how I need to get out of here. I am utterly tired of feeling like a guest wherever I am.

Despite waiting for Halloween all year, this years costume was a relatively last minute choice and not exactly how it was intended. Something quite classic is generally the route of my choosing, and perhaps the Cheshire Cat is somewhat of a classic. Had I chosen it earlier and had the time to order fabrics, it would have been nice to have a big cozy costume in the same character, perhaps more recognizable that way as well. Oh well. Perhaps next year? With any luck, by next Halloween things will be different and I'll be in a place of my own to decorate and feel comfortable in. Apparently it is very difficult to find an old shell of a building around here...

As Halloween winds to a close, I keep the pumpkins lit for as long as I'm awake, soaking in the warm (sometimes slightly burnt) pumpkin aroma that you only get this one time of year, and relaxing to Beetlejuice for the second time this spooky season. What better than a classic to end the night?

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