Sunday, October 27, 2013

Big Little Harvest

Halloween is mere days away and I'm still preparing, so look forward to another post or two before then. In the mean time, the weather is chilly and even a few flakes of snow falling. The weather forecast for Halloween, so far, is looking decent so that's something to look forward to.

I finally decided to take photos of this years crop of pumpkins before things are carved, cooked, and roasted. It was a big crop of little pumpkins again this year, with three larger "hybrid" seeds used from last years crop. The hybrid seeds grew so well! If you cross pollinate two different varieties do be sure to plant at least a few seeds the next spring, they WILL do well.

Finally, my last swap was sent out a while ago and received by my partner. It was a "evil or sweet cupcake" swap, so I made two spooky and sweet pieces to send. One was, of course, the cupcake, and I accompanied it with a "pumpkin ice cream cone" complete with jack-o-lantern faces.

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying this spook-tastic season!

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