Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunflowers, Sneakers, And Fairytale Dreams...

Despite the heatwave we're (once again) experiencing, the signs of fall are starting to show. The sunflowers are monstrous and blooming, the pumpkins are turning orange, the plums are ripe, the crab apples are almost over ripe, a few leaves are falling, and the nights are cool.

The sunflowers in my garden are just about twice my height and the pumpkins are mostly small, but plentiful. There are still carrots and a few beets in the ground, being pulled out gradually as I eat them. There is one batch of borscht in the freezer from some of the beets that grew and if I manage to pull out enough and feel ambitious, perhaps one more batch will be an order. 

While I don't particularly enjoy feeling cold, I greatly enjoy the cool fall season. Being able to wear fun sweaters and layers without feeling sweaty and gross is generally a plus. The Halloween items are finally starting to show up in stores and only making more excited about the season. While my costume for this year still remains a mystery to me, there is still some time to spare before I must make a decision.

Sweaters and new pants ahoy!

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