Saturday, September 21, 2013

Life, Love, and Leaves

While it may technically be the last day of summer, the fall has very much already set in here in Manitoba. Many trees are already turning colours, the crab apples and plums have mostly fallen to the ground and being enjoyed by the birds, the weather has cooled greatly, and we even had a frost warning last night. The geese have been making more noise than ever, and another flock has flown away, which means fall is here and winter not far behind it.

The shop has been pretty busy with Halloween sales and requests and I find myself feeling flustered trying to keep up and decide which projects to start next. In my attempts to make my little shop professional while still feeling very personal, I had ordered a sample set of custom postcards from Of course I decided on a Halloween theme, since it's oh so Obsequies. They arrived in the mail not too long ago and look just lovely, still my own drawing, but professionally printed and snappy looking. After approving of the samples I promptly put in my order for 100 more, which will be included with each of my shop orders.

With all the cool weather, falling leaves, and the sunflowers nearing the end of their season, it feels like comfort baking season. With a couple of bricks of delicious butter in the fridge, I decided to make up a small batch of yummy shortbread cookies, but with a fall twist. That's right, little fall leaves! I added yellow food colouring to the dough, and mixed in small portions of red and green colour for a leafy colour effect. Yes, they were tasty.

Welcome to fall...


  1. Dude, if you send me your postcard I'll send you one of mine (when they happen in a couple weeksish). I vote we use them in post card fashion when we send em! Because non-business/bill mail is just awesome.

    1. Sounds pretty good to me! Message me your address some time and I'll get it out with the rest of my 'ween mails. That reminds me, I need to pick up more stamps..