Friday, September 27, 2013

Creepy, Cute, & Crafty

This year is the year of crafty and fun swaps. Today I sent out my "13 Days Of Halloween" swap package to my partner. It may have cost a substantial sum to send out but it was worth it. It was great fun to search out and create each little gift.

My swap partner is crazy about witches and Halloween, so I tried my best to keep witches in mind when shopping and creating. I used reclaimed wood to make hand painted, distressed little art works and more for myself (coming in a later post). While painting isn't something that I do regularly these days, come Halloween time it becomes a great joy to create a piece of Halloween sweetness.

While browsing the craft section at a nearby dollar store in search of more black paint, I spotted the cutest little wood craft coffins and knew it would make a delightful little swap gift. Earlier in the day I had also purchased some mini "Coffin Crisp" bars by the little bag, and without realizing it, they both went together perfectly! After painting and clear coating the coffin, two mini bars were placed inside. Call me lame, but I got a chuckle out of it and hope my partner will as well.

My "big" gift to be opened on Halloween was something I felt quite proud of. Despite the fact that it really didn't cost anything except time, I felt like it was the most personal and interesting gift of the lot. A balloon was paper mache from recycled newspaper to create the round shape and added ears. It was painted with an antique style face, clear coated to seal it, and an old fashioned twine handle added. A pumpkin in a similar style will be a must! I got the idea from an image I seen, which then led me to a "how-to". The cat face was perfect for the project, so I decided to use it. Take a peek here.

The fun just kept on coming, after all the shopping and crafting it was then time to wrap. Oh wrapping...for some reason I just cannot get enough of it. It's one of the very few things I enjoy during the winter holiday season, however this was even better simply because of the Halloween theme. Orange tissue paper, crepe streamers, yarn, laces, twine, and recycled brown paper bags made this swap complete.

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