Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crazy For Curls

I've been in a slump recently, and as much as I try to keep myself positive I just can't shake some of these blues. The past few days haven't been the best for me and for no particular reason, and those feelings bring on all sorts of tiredness which makes it harder to get anything done, which in turn makes it all that much worse. These feelings are the worst...

Today was a warm day, likely one of the last days where one can wear short sleeves outside without feeling cool. I spent some time out in the yard with my dog, Hades. We walked around stepping on crunchy leaves and having fresh falling leaves fall onto us as we walked under the trees. I grabbed a few pumpkins, my camera, and close up filter and snapped a few photos. The combination of the leaves, warm weather, and pretty orange colour of the pumpkins seemed to make things so much better. While snapping away as Hades lay only a few feet away, his little kitty friend popped by for a visit and chased leaves as they fell.

Of course, a photo session wouldn't be complete without a random photo of ones own socks and shoes. The day suddenly wasn't so terrible, and I guess that's the power of the curls...

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