Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nearing The End

Halloween is mere moments away now, and I'm still rushing around to finish up my costume and trying to ind or make up more decorations to make this place feel more cute and spooky. While we don't have a whole lot to spend on decorations, I did make up three little fabric ghosts to hang off the front deck. They were made easily from some scrap white fabric simply stuffed with some pillow stuffing for the heads, eyes drawn on with sharpie marker, and a little yard to keep the head shape as well as to hang them.

I took a small walk around and tried to enjoy a small moment in the day, a small break from rushing about. The leaves are all dead now, with only a few brown ones still left on the now bare trees. With all the damp and rainy days we've had lately the leaves on the ground no longer have that wonderful crunching sound as you walk over them, simply mush. October is almost over. Everything is fading. Frozen oblivion is on its way...

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