Friday, October 19, 2012


My best friend celebrates her birthday in only a few days, and for me this always means I get to have fun with wrapping. Her and I have always been on the same page when it comes to random paper, so I always know she appreciates a pretty, sweetly wrapped gift.

As always, it's a fascination with me how beautiful recycled papers look for wrapping. The subtle, antique sort of tones have this delicate beauty to me and of course it's so much better to reuse than to buy something new. Hurray for being eco-friendly, right?

Each and every time I recieve a gift or a package in the mail that uses these brown packing papers I try to salvage as much as possible. It pairs perfectly with some simple craft twine that you can find at any craft or hardware store or, because it's such a neutral colour, would be beautiful with any colour of yarn. Not only does it work well for wrapping, but it's beautiful for mixed media projects.

Halloween themed bits were added for that extra whimsy for the time of year, as well because she also enjoys the season. I managed to find these lovely antique reproduction Halloween cat postcards on etsy and simply added it to the front of one package.

Happy Hallowrapping!

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