Friday, October 5, 2012


 It's that time of the year once again. My favorite season means my favorite swaps. As I may have mentioned before, I picked up some store bought Halloween postcards online for swapping this year. Another lot of postcards was also discovered on etsy recently and have been ordered as well, though I predict I won't have those in time to do much with this time around. Prepared for next year? I should say so.

So just a quick post today about a few little swap bits. To start, I had sent off a simple store bought card for a Halloween card swap and included two pieces of handmade 4x6 arts. One was my (what I think is anyways) classic sketchy ghost doodle, and paired it with a new spider web trick-or-treat mixed media piece. The letters were cut from old newspaper and the spider was made from pretty little buttons. Both were included as a little extra within the card instead of postcards since it was discovered that my swap partner for this one wished not to receive postcards, as per her profile. It gave me a great chance to be creative though, and for that I feel pretty good.

So as you can also see from the photos, there is the variety of postcards I acquired thus far. The two "Skelanimals" postcards were received in a swap that was done previously and I have no idea if anyone would want them. I suppose what I'm hoping for is a few nice people to swap some more Halloween (or even fall) postcards with, but so far no takers. Should anyone have access to some store bought seasonal cards and would like to swap do send me a message! I am so keen to swap more of these as I have started collecting Halloween cards.

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