Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall...I love you.

I know I say it almost every month with beauitful warm weather, but this month has flown by in a flash. The weather is beautiful, and so is the scenery. As brown and dull as some things have become, the beautiful and varied colours of all the leaves more than make up for it. Picking leaves off the trees in a rainbow of colours took up some of my noon hour, but the sun was so warm I couldn't just stay inside.

We had a night of freezing just the other day, which basically wiped out my sunflowers. The heads are now limp and dying and yet, still so beautiful. I feel all whimsical just looking at them. They look like something out of a storybook, perhaps something Dr. Seuss would have done.

The yellow, orange, and red tones of the season take over and while they are beautiful, I feel a little sad inside knowing that they'll be gone in a flash and the cold, desolite winter days will set in. Enjoy these days while we can...

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