Monday, September 3, 2012

All In A Row

 September has arrived, and with it our warm sunny afternoons quickly turn to cool evenings around supper time. It's hard to be believe that it's come so fast, and I know it will pass by just as quickly. The fourth pumpkin has come out of the garden and the beautiful orange gourds look absolutely beautiful and festive on the dining room table.

Leaves are slowly starting to turn colour and fall, the maples being the first, as usual, here. The pumpkin patch opens this weekend, my sweetie turns 27 in two weeks, and Halloween is now in less than two months. The geese here are already getting restless and the early birds have just started to move, the sure sign that winter will be here before we know it. As usual I sit here just hoping that the weather, or rather the snow, will hold off until after Halloween. Oh to have a warm Halloween like last year...That is the dream.

What are you doing this fall season?

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  1. Love reading your fall post! Miss the fall ~ living in SW FL where there are not defined season's I get to live through and remember the fall through your post :)