Saturday, August 18, 2012

Small Sugar Sweeties

For this years final variety of pumpkins I went with a more classic pie size pumpkin, the "small sugar" pumpkin. This variety has your classic beautiful orange colour, but in a smaller size of around 8" wide. After last years disappointments I felt trying a variety that was smaller in size and less nutrient intensive than some larger varieties may yield a half way decent crop compared to last years. So far things are looking promising and the pumpkins are coming along as planned, with three just about at the point of turning into the storybook orange globes we all know and love.

The small sugars are another heirloom variety, and one that is perfect for making pumpkin pie because of their size and, as you may have guessed from their name, their sweet taste. Perhaps this year pumpkin pie making is an order. Not just any pie, either. Organic, home made with lots of love pumpkin pie. I'm not even sure of the last time I've had anything that wasn't store bought or out of a can, which just doesn't seem right to me.

So, despite the fact that I will not have larger carving pumpkins from my garden this year, it seems I will have many unique looking pumpkins, and smaller pumpkins to fill up my fall and Halloween festivities. I think I like it better that way anyways. Should all continue to go well this year, I believe next year I will be likely to use each variety again, as well as look into other unique heirloom seeds.

Not long now and it will be harvest...
Halloween is on it's way...

(Note that these photos have been taken over a period of time, with some growth noticeable in the photos)


  1. Yummy. Your description of the pumpkin pie made me hungry for a huge slice with a big dolop of whipped cream on top. May just have to try one or two with my pumpkins.

    Rosie aka redd_rose1 from flickr.

    1. Hi Rosie!
      I've been thinking about pumpkin pie almost since I ordered the seeds for these, hehe. I think I might try one of the few pumpkin pie bar recipes I happened across with one of these for something pumpkin-y but slightly different.
      Thanks so much for the comment and taking the time to read :)