Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here We Grow!

Summer is flying by, and I'm so proud to say my pumpkin patch is doing so well this year. Pumpkins pop up each day and so far I have counted sixteen that have taken to the pollination and are growing as I type. If any one recalls my posts from last year, you can imagine how much more excited I am to actually see progress and a potentially very successful crop ahead.

This year I chose three different varieties of pumpkin seeds from Cubits on etsy, and the one I think I'm most looking forward to are the rouge vif d'etampes variety, sometimes better known as "Cinderella" pumpkins. They are a wonderful heirloom variety and oh so ornate looking. I currently have one that's already getting bigger and a few more on their way to being pollinated.

What I found rather strange and unexpected through all of this is the fact that, despite the "Cinderella" variety being a beautiful red orange colour when ripe, they are yellow when growing. At first I had thought they were just dying off, or something was wrong. Keeping watch on my new found variety, it seemed to be growing despite it's funny colour. When I see a yellowing pumpkin bulb it's usually a sign that it didn't get pollinated properly (or at all) and is about to die off, so you can imagine my surprise when it continued to get bigger. Upon doing some internet searching I came to find that this was actually the way this variety grows. We learn something new every day, don't we?

Check back later for more of my pumpkin patch updates and interesting tidbits on different pumpkin varieties!

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