Monday, August 27, 2012

First Of The Season

 Summer disappeared. Seriously, what happened to summer?! Wasn't it only yesterday how I was remarking how July had passed us by so quickly and it was already August? It happened again. August has passed us by in a flash and it's already going on September. Back to school, cool nights, harvest, falling leaves, changing colours, and not too long now and it will be Halloween.

The days are still sunny and warm, but getting shorter and cooler at nights. There are subtle signs of some trees readying for fall, with even the occasional dead leaf already falling. While I'm excited for the season, as it is my favorite, I'm also sad to see summer go in what feels like a flash. Farmers here seem to be starting harvest early this year and it only adds to that fall feeling.

The first pumpkin came out of the patch just the other day and there are a few pumpkins not too far behind. While a part of me wishes I had planted regular larger pumpkins for carving, I know these were the better choice for just starting out, being smaller and less nutrient intensive...and just plain adorable. I have three rouge vif d'etampes on the way, as well as three caspers. Overall a vast improvement over last years disappointments. I can only imagine what I could do next year with the wealth of knowledge I've acquired through all of this.
With that I will leave you, and say...Fall here we come!

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