Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Of August Finds

While they may not be garage sale or vintage finds, I'm feeling like boasting about my latest steals. Today my nearest Zellers store was on it's final sale, with everything being 90% off and numerous random in store promotions while you're there. The fella and I stopped in to take a gander, and perhaps something might catch our fancy.

While there really was hardly anything left, I did manage to pick out three relatively decent looking pairs of shoes for only $1 each. Yes, only a dollar. I snapped them up. After all, I was really needing a new pair of flats, and I'm a bit of a cheapskate. So it all works out for me I guess. Adding to my cart I gathered up six pairs of warm tights for fall and winter (since I'm always cold) that were 49 to 89 cents each, a complete steal for warm cotton stockings if I do say so myself. The fella managed to find two games he felt were worth the gamble (and to add to his relatively bare looking new game shelf) for under $2.

We had thought about staying to watch them lock up the doors, all dramatic and sad, but we were both tired after a long hot day and decided to just head home. I went in one last time before we left to see what, if anything, would be left...perhaps pick up one last pair of shoes...but, alas, it was practically bare. We went on our way...and to that, we bid farewell to Zellers.

On that note, I will leave you with a vintage advertisement from a February 1960 copy of Chatelaine featuring some stockings and shoes. August here we go!

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