Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Casper's Friendly Pumpkin

White it's not quite the classical pumpkin, in the traditional orange sense, but the "Casper" variety is so unique and interesting in it's own way. As you might have guessed it is named so because of it's white colour. Of the three varieties of pumpkin I decided to grow this year I was actually the least excited about this variety at the start, for no particular reason. Perhaps it's because I, like many, am stuck on the storybook feel of an orange pumpkin...and it's one of my favorite colours.

Just like the Rouge Vif d'Etampe variety, the Caspers have a unique look right from the start. While the rouge variety is flat from the start and yellow in colour as it grows, the Casper pumpkins start out quite long, thin and green in colour when they are bulbs. As they grow they continue to grow long and quite slender and become white in colour. In time these elegant white lovelies will eventually fill out into a more classic pumpkin shape.

The last of my three growing pumpkin varieties is quite a bit more common but equally special in the pumpkin world. Check back soon for a peak at the final variety, and updates on my pumpkin patch as my gorgeous gourds grow up for fall.

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