Saturday, July 21, 2012


It's almost August already and summer is at it's peak up here in Manitoba country. As we drive around the desolate country roads with the windows rolled down, the sound of the wind rushing in and the obviously many, many grasshoppers nearby fills the car. For some reason this time of year is when I start to feel all whimsical and daydream about the fall (and Halloween of course) ahead. That sound of those grasshoppers just takes me back, and makes me think about those final weeks of summer vacation and knowing it's going to end.

My gardens have become overtaken with my pumpkin plants this year, and unlike other years there are many female pumpkin flowers popping up on each vine I'm proud to say. I already had two lovely lady flowers ready and open, awaiting some "love" from the male flowers but, alas, none were to be found. It seems so unusual to me since my first attempts at growing pumpkins ended in a lack of lady flowers, and many fellas. The males have begun to open now though, and more lovely ladies are almost ready for pollination so my hopes are high this year. I continue to watch the weather forcasts for chances of poor weather that could mean the demise of my plants and have tarps and pails ready to cover them. Fingers crossed this year will yield better results than last.

Recently my fella became the proud "papa" of quite a large batch of baby spiders. At least, we think they were baby spiders, or just a variety we've never come in contact with before. For some reason, they made their nest on the edge of a miniature lilac bush just outside of his door, which often caused some problems...and let me tell you, those things can really make webs, and quickly! When we really discovered them they were all huddled together in this little web, and when you gently blew on the web they would trail down. It was quite an amazing sight, though, as I said, caused some problems being right beside the door. It didn't last long though, and they have since moved on to their new lives elsewhere.

How the days fly by...

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