Saturday, April 14, 2012

All Pac'ed Up

Two more swaps have been sent. One for a group I'm in on Swap-Bot, Baking Beauties, for "Kitchen Somethings". The other was a private swap started quite some time ago, to fill a box full of goodies for my partner. I do hope they can enjoy the goodies as much as I enjoyed finding them :)

My darling will be home soon. Tomorrow, in fact. I will meet him at the train station, a most anticipated reunion after what feels like forever. It will almost be like the first time but in daylight, and the adventures shall begin again.

While preparing for my hunny's return, I made him a little surprise...if you're reading this my dear, stop now. I mean it! No, it is not a game system, so don't get your hopes shoo. Okay. I worked up a little surprise for him. Just something small, but I thought it would be a sweet little addition to his place. A black brushed suede pillow with a yellow felt Pac-Man, and little button pacs. I do hope he gets a little smile out of it. His place did need some more homey touches after all.

Just a quick post for today.
See you soon my dear...See you soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Days

This long weekend began with a confirmation of great news. Wonderful news. Fantastic news! Looking forward to wonderful spring days ahead, that's for sure.
Happy bunny days to all...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Afghans & Madeleines

My goodness, it's April already! How time goes by...Before we know it, it will be summer again. The weather has been relatively good aside from the crazy wind. Warm days to come.

I haven't much to say I suppose. Still doing the odd swap here and there (more on that coming soon), and the odd thrift. I even recently went to a garage sale when I was in the city. A garage sale in March! I don't think that has ever happened for me before. I picked up another afghan at the thrift store for my shop. Hopefully in time I'll have a nice stock of afghans for sale in the shop and it can become a regular seller.

On a final note, I made a chocolate version of madeleines. They were quite yummy, though I find the class lemon version much fresher and seemingly lighter. It was nice to try something different again, but I will stick with the lemon in the future.