Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day In The City

Afghan madness! Well, sort of. I have a 'thing' for many things, and pretty vintage afghans are one. While in the city browsing around the afghans caught my eye. Right then, three afghans became mine. Each one was special in it's own way, but my favorite ended up being the one with tassle ends. Love! I listed the other two in my etsy shop for someone to give them a loving home. It is the start of what I'm hoping to add to my shop, vintage home pieces, as well as some art prints once I get the much needed supplies. We'll see how that goes.

Some lovely old cottage style wallpaper also caught my fancy. It was a brand new roll with this lovely, delicate rose print on it. Perfectly pretty and oh so...granny chic, hehe. At a bargain price of 2.99, it was another must have. Have I mentioned I also love old wallpaper? Namely ones with either catchy mod prints, or delicate cottage prints like this. My list of obsessions grows.

Days out in the city have mixed feelings for me. While I absolutely adore the unique items you just can't find around here, I get utterly miserable being around so many people, the cars, traffic, line ups, noise, and of course being stuck in the car. Blah. Once I get home and unload my mountain of purchases, settle down with a comfy blanket, and sign onto my computer all seems a little better though. Korean imported mushroom shaped cookie/chocolate treats from Superstore don't hurt either. Such delights.

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