Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Knit Thrifts

LinkIt's Tuesday and I went to town. You know what that means? Thrift store scores! The local thrift store in town is only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 1-3pm so it's a small window of opportunity to get in there. Any chance I'm in town on those days I always enjoy taking a peek to see if there's any goodies of interest to me.

While scanning through the various shelves and boxes I found a fun little knitting booklet from 1961 and decided to pick up the set of four yellow knitting needles to go with it. The knitting needles were only 25 cents, and the booklet was free. You heard right, F-R-E-E. Who doesn't love free? Really. I checked through some of shelves to see the tea cups, and much to my surprise I found a tea cup that goes with my favorite set of dishes that once belonged to my Great Grandmother. Another steal at only 50 cents!

After paying for my few little items I noticed some vintage scarves, most of which didn't stand out to my at all, but upon digging found a sweetly subtle yellow colored dot scarf. At 25 cents it brought my total for the day up to a whopping 1 dollar. One whole dollar. I absolutely love stopping by the thrift shops and it's such a delight when you find little things you just adore, and it's much more special than buying something online...almost like a sort of treasure hunt, only you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

Speaking of online shopping, I must say this is slightly over due. I found the most lovely organic seed shop on etsy from a fellow Canadian and just had to pick up a few packets for my garden this year. Not only is the seller just lovely and helpful, but the packets are adorable and her blog is fabulous. Amazing photos, prices, and packaging. All around delight. Do be sure to check out her shop! After being inspired by her lovely packets, I made one myself from recycled brown packing paper. I had some sunflower seeds kicking around in ugly beat up envelopes so I prettied them up with a quick sunflower doodle. Pretty fancy, right?

So to sum it all up, I spent a dollar on happiness and seeds to feed me this summer and fall. To top things off, the weather was once again lovely for a February in Canada. Let's hope these good feelings continue.


  1. Is your teacup the "Aristocrat" pattern by Imperial Ware? I found some small plates and bowls in that pattern at a thrift shop. I believe they were given away for free at movie theatres in Toronto during the depression. It seems as if everyone is collecting depression glass, but almost nobody is collecting depression pottery yet. Maybe it will be the next collecting fad? I love thrift stores!

    1. It is! My great Grandmother got a large set of these dishes at a theater in Winnipeg a long long time ago (I would assume during the depression). I was so surprised to find a tea cup that matched since I've never seen any like it around. Thrift stores are truly a delight, you just never know what will surprise you next. Thank you so much for your comment :)

  2. Oh! Thanks so much! I hope you have a great spring in the garden :)