Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Lizards!

Leaping lizards, it's leap day! Though it generally feels like just another day, it is interesting that it only happens every few years. For my leap day I had baked up a package mix of shortbread cookies last night using one of the heart cookie cutters I had received from "A Little Something For My Kitchen" swap. Seems a bit Valentines-ish but aren't they sweet?

These days I'm not much for baking from a package, but I had picked up a few boxes of the shortbread mix at Superstore the last time I was there, and thought what the heck? The dough was amazing, so tasty, and the cookies turned out alright. They were no home made goodness, but still tasty.

I dropped off my a postcard for a "Leap Day Postcard Swap" as well as a postcard for a friend. Much to my enjoyment, the post had cow stamps. They were awesome. Both postcards were stamped and hand cancelled so that the leap day date could be clearly seen. Much to my surprise there was also another little something in my post box. If you recall I recently received a swap for my "Wonderland Tea Party In A Box" swap, but found myself a bit disappointed. Well today I received another package from my partner containing more little goodies. It was quite and unexpected surprise, but a nice one that I am certainly thankful for :)

Enjoy your leap day everyone, after all it doesn't happen every year!

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  1. Happy Leap Year! Shortbread is delish!

    Thanks for adding your photo to flickr.