Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Johnson Brothers Beauty

I've done it again! I stopped in at my local thrift store, which is becoming my usual Tuesday afternoon, and though I only bought a small piece of vintage fabric one of the gals there had a nice little surprise for me in the back seat of her car. Sounds ominous I imagine, but really it was a set of old dishes. She told me she had no use for them, and some pieces (all the plates) were missing/broken, but she didn't want to throw away the rest. That's the second time I've gotten free dishes just from stopping in a thrift store, lucky me!

The back is marked "Johnson Brothers England" and upon looking them up I discovered they made A LOT of patterns and prints and so far I've had no luck in finding this one. So should anyone out there happen to know the name of this particular print, or even a date around which they may have been made I'd most certainly love to know.

Admittedly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these dishes I've been collecting but recently I've been getting excited about an upcoming flea market (by upcoming I mean May) in my nearest city an hour away. Perhaps if I collect enough dishes and tid bits by that time I could buy a spot and sell a few things of my own. After all, I will be attending anyway, why not try to make a few dollars while I'm at it, right? Time will tell.

Happy Tuesday!

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