Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seasons Without Sun

Well, it's been a while since it seems I've posted anything. I feel as though I haven't had a lot to say, I suppose I'm still in mourning over the fact that Halloween is over. Oh well, it's that other time of year. That time where we pull out all sorts of shiny ornaments and fancy lights. December, a month of celebrations and the end of this year. Another one is almost done, and it's hard to believe it.

I set up my silver tree already (yes, my obsession this time of year) and sorted through my boxes of ornaments, all of which have come to mean a great deal to me. There is something so cozy about a room with a lighted tree this time of year. Almost calming, perhaps whimsical. Sigh.

In addition to all the great many ornaments I have collected over the years (many, many years in fact) I picked up two boxes of old ornaments this year. The first box was a lovely set of long glass ornaments in their original box I picked up at a garage sale over the summer. Quite the find for 25 cents, if I do say so myself. Thinking about it makes a part of me wish it was spring, and that the garage sales were starting up again already. I should slow down and enjoy the moment though. The second was an old box filled with mismatched pieces, but the box caught my eye and I just couldn't resist. This one was a little more expensive, but at a $1.50 I still cannot complain. A find just in time for the holidays from my local thrift shop.

I've finished my gift shopping already, though I may find a thing or two extra, and I have been desperately trying to resist wrapping them all in one night. As amazingly blissful as it would be to do, I would find myself feeling sad every night after with nothing to wrap. How I love wrapping...probably one of my top five favorite things of the holidays. No joke.

Among the gifts I had purchased a collection of five vintage Paris postcards for my sister, as she had mentioned Paris themed items on her gift list this year, as well as a large collage photo frame. In addition to the five postcards I made up a few decorative photo collages of my own, in black and white, and tea stained them afterwards for an old effect. The end result was satisfactory if I do say so myself. Though I know she will likely no give it a second thought, I'm still happy to have made it for her...

Happy December!

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