Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Story Before Bed

A quick post before bed. I just wanted to share an interesting story of how I acquired these darling little salt and pepper shakers.

Once upon a time, or rather almost two years ago, during the after xmas sales at our nearby Zellers store there was a bin full of "4 for $1" items. In this bin there was an assortment, well a few, Halloween items including these salt and pepper shakers. First thoughts being, 25 cents? Heck yea! So these were one of the items picked up along with a funny little pumpkin hand puppet...don't ask. After paying for those and various other items purchased at the time I was back in the truck and happened to look over my receipt. Next to these items the price read $0.01. Now apparently they aren't supposed to sell any items with such price, but the girl at that til didn't realize (or care, not sure which). So for the grand total of one penny, these shakers became mine. A great deal? I should say so!

That's my story for the night, or morning for some of you.
Sweet dreams for me!

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