Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scream Soda

A few weeks ago now a friend of mine had mentioned looking out for the Halloween Crush drinks. Apparently every year at Halloween they have seasonal labels...which I never realized. Anyways, I completely forgot about it for a while. Oops...Eventually I did manage to spot the orange, cream soda, and I believe black cherry (ew). I'd seen the orange already, and decided to pick up a cream soda. The ghost was just too cute! I'm not sure whether these are just a Canadian thing, or all over...either way, I love that they have something so festive this time of year.

While at Zellers about a week or so ago, I spotted their Pop Shoppe display with very few bottles left. I've purchased these sodas before but never had the cream soda flavor. Picked it up for something new. I just love the old style glass bottles. Personally I prefer to support a company that uses glass over plastic, I have slight theories about me crazy. Anyways, this time around they only had the little stubby bottles (they normally have two or three types/sizes) which was okay, I prefer them anyways. So if you have a Zellers near you, go pick up a bottle of this stuff. A brand from back in the glass bottle heyday brought back to life! Show some support!

Halloween is almost here...

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  1. I still haven't had Pop Shoppe, but I get Jones pop quite often. They have awesome flavours, random little pictures, and phrases under the caps. What more is there to love?