Sunday, October 30, 2011

Down To The Wire

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I wait all year for. It's Halloween. I spent all of today eating candy and carving my four pumpkins (keep watch for my post with the photos!), while now settling down to watch Halloween cartoons. I have my own little Halloween traditions, and certain shows/movies I watch year after year. It's actually quite nice to make traditions for yourself, something to look forward to each year. I often wonder what if and what others All Hallows Eve traditions are...

While carving one of my pumpkins this year I accidentally broke one of the saws from the carving kit, the little detail one. Oops! I'm thinking I may buy a more expensive, fancier kit during the after-Halloween sales, something that will last me more than one years use like the usual cheaper kits. Wait and see I suppose.

Over two weeks ago now, I had found some candy corn light covers while browsing around on ebay and I just couldn't resist. I bought them for a great price, along with some mini pumpkins (included in the same lot) and tested them out on a plain white string of lights I had laying around. As I may have mentioned before, I'm slightly obsessed with candy corn...even the funny "defective" candy corns that don't have their signature white tops. Oh! I almost forgot, I purchased two inflatable candy corns this year! Now, I honestly don't care much for inflatable decorations (just not my thing) but candy corn...gosh I went crazy. I don't have photos yet, perhaps I'll snap some tomorrow afternoon before the trick-or-treaters start to come around.

In conclusion I do hope everyone out there has a fantastic Halloween!

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