Saturday, October 1, 2011

Comfortably Cool

With the weather cooling, my oven has been coming on more and more. It's funny how fall brings on a craving for a heat meal and baked treats. Most of the summer I did hardly any baking at all, and most of the meals here were barbequed or cooked on the stove top so that we didn't have to turn on the oven on those hot days.

Well the oven is on again and I tried my hand at pumpkin bread. Recipes for pumpkin bread are so large, so instead of making three loaves (like the recipes generally call for) I made one with two dozen muffins instead. They turned out well actually, something I would make again. I read numerous reviews for all sorts of recipes and it seems a great many people substitute applesauce for oils that many baking recipes call for. I kept wondering though, wouldn't that make your recipe taste a bit like apples? Well I tried it out on the pumpkin loaf, and it made no difference, and is still extremely moist and tasty...not to mention a bit healthier. Yay for health conciousness!

The leaves are still turning orange and yellow, and the geese are louder than ever. It seems they have congregated in a spot in the field behind the house, so if you leave the windows open you can hear them hanging out. Every once in a while a huge (and I mean HUGE) flock of them will scatter and fly off. It reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and as they fly overhead a whole bunch of bird shadows swoop across the lawn. It looks insane, and I only wish I could properly capture it.

Fall carries on, and the weather seems to be holding nicely for the time being.
Halloween is nearing...

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