Thursday, September 15, 2011

Proud Pumpkin Mama

Well, after everything that's happen as far as my garden is concerned, I suppose I can't complain. I had said that I would be happy to get even one pumpkin, and I did. One funny little misshaped baby pumpkin. After the storm it basically became stunted, and didn't grow any bigger. It's small, and very oddly shaped, but I love it to bits.

Two more pumpkins showed up in my garden after the hail storm and are actually growing well. It's getting colder at night, so cold in fact we've had a touch of frost. Luckily I knew ahead and covered them. Thwarting evil nature. There should be at least two more weeks of decent weather for them to grow a bit more, and hopefully within such time they will get much bigger. After all the heartache, some small sign of happiness shows through.

A little note on the random photo at the bottom of this post; a found very old, I guess, advertisement found tucked into an antique book that belonged to my Grandfather. What it's about I really don't understand, but the illustration was so interesting...


  1. i'm trying to grow pumpkins too at the momment. i started a little late in the year, but it stays pretty warm for most of the year. i hope that i can get some pumpkins!

  2. Awesome on the pumpkin! And that ad is so amazingly bizarre. o.O

  3. Thank you both ladies!
    @Tania as long as it stays warm and doesn't frost, you should be fine. You get a great proud feeling when you watch that first pumpkin grow :) Good luck!