Thursday, September 8, 2011


Halloween items are starting to come out in stores nearby. I couldn't be more excited. While I had walked into Walmart on Tuesday I had no intentions to buy anything at all, but merely check to see if they had set out their Halloween stock, I couldn't help myself when I seen these delightful kitchen goods. I picked up two pot holders, two oven mitts, as well as a tea towel for one dollar each. They just look so...I suppose vintage. I love the tea stained sort of color and we all know by now how I feel about pumpkins. Needless to say, they had to be mine. By far the best looking kitchen pieces I've seen at Walmart in the past few years.

I hate to shop at Walmart. In fact, I'd rather pay more at other more relaxed stores than have to deal with the people and absolutely ridiculous lineups at Walmart stores. Oh well. They are one of the first to set out their Halloween, and Halloween is irresistible. Enough said. So should you care to get a set of these yourself, do check out the kitchen linens section of your Walmart store.

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