Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Corny

Nights are getting colder. Cool autumn winds blow through your hair. The geese are officially starting to leave. Yes, the signs of fall are here, and the thought that winter is just around the corner.

I've been hearing plenty of geese flying overhead and can't help but try to call them back. I love fall, but I also love a long warm fall...the kind that makes you hopeful that Halloween won't be dreadfully cold or, worse yet, snowing. Hurray for Manitoba Halloweens.

Halloween decorations have been dug out of the closets and are starting to appear around the house. Bags of candy corn sit on the table, along with little Halloween trinkets like a pair of jack-o-lantern candle holders that I don't even remember getting...found in the cupboard a few years ago and finally started to use them. Orange really is an amazing color, possibly part of what I adore about this time of the year.

Halloween is just over a month away and I'm still thinking about making more pumpkin skirts for my shop. The larger ones, not the mini skirt versions, since there seems to be such interest in them. The problem is, if I order the fabric for it now will I get it in time to be able to make more, list them, and allow enough time for shipping? Such a dilemma. I have a hot lead on some wide enough fabric, but I'm waiting on a shipping quote. So we'll see...

Until then, happy autumn days to us all!

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