Thursday, August 25, 2011

Savory Start

Another day slowly goes by. I took a little trip into town with my Dad today...something that takes much longer than it should. He just dilly dallies far too much for my liking. Anyways, I simply went in so I could pick up a few groceries. I've come to the decision that I need to learn some new recipes, and try some new foods. This winter I'd like to work on more savory dishes, rather than my usual cakes, cookies, and bars.

Grocery stores play some of the best, and worst, music I've ever heard and today was no exception. I walked about picking up some usual items and decided I wanted to try my hand at break making. As I picked up a bag of bread flour a familiar and welcomed classic came on the store radio. What song you ask? None other than Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. Great song, great song.

For how much time was wasted in town I could have gotten quite a bit of work done. It was probably a waste of a good days work, but I did need a few groceries...and a slushee. It's times like today, waiting in the very hot van, that make me think I really should get myself a car finally. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, and with no where to go I'll be able to get plenty done. Tonight I simply feel drained and slightly mopey. A night to relax is probably best, with a nice start to tomorrow.

Today was a day for trying out a savory dish that doesn't often appear in our house. In fact, only once has it ever been made here. What dish you ask? Meatloaf. Yes, a staple for some households has only ever been made once by myself in this house. Today was the second time ever. I'm not sure why it's never made here, it's basically just a big hamburger in a loaf pan with some sauce on top, pretty simple right? Anyways, I'd rather have my burger made this way than some of our usual techniques...perhaps I'll make it a regular on our household menu. A simple start to my savory exploration.

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