Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Delight

Another Friday has come and gone, so how about some finds for the week? Oh yes. On Tuesday I had one last adventure with my great friend, Ash (yes, we're both Ashley's). We took a trip up to the next town, grabbed some treats from the grocery store, and relaxed at the graveyard. We threw blueberries at random things, talked, and laughed. It was a nice time, and a great farewell before she moves.

Afterwards, we stopped into the thrift store. While browsing I noticed a box of Kathie Winkle dishes, commenting that I had the very same set at home from my great Grandmother. The lady at the shop asked if we were looking for dishes and said if we wanted we could have it since it was just going to the dump otherwise. I was shocked. Naturally I took it, how sad would it be to let that go? So not only do I have one set of Kathie Winkle dishes, I have two! I couldn't walk out without at least buying something, so I picked up eight icey blue dessert cups, four small (which I kept) and four larger which I gave to my good buddy Ash, since she'd been eying them up at the store.

Earlier this afternoon (I guess technically it was yesterday, since it's after 12 am now) I stopped by two garage sales in town. I picked up three awesome pink flamingo candle holders, since I have this odd fascination for pink flamingos...I'm not sure why. I also picked up a pile of older satiny soft fabrics, and two small trinket dishes. I spent a grand total...of $1.00. Yes, $1.00.

All in all, between today's garage sale goods and the thrift scores, I spent a total of $2.00. Not a bad lot for a mere $2.00 if you ask me. What will next week bring?

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