Friday, July 29, 2011

Take A Moment

Unlike the past few years, the dragonfly population has exploded. On my walks (to the post office...) I can often feel the dragonflies hit my lower legs as they fly off the ground. It actually makes me smile. Almost all of the dragonflies I see here are an orange sort of colour and shiny. You can hear the sound of their wings all around when you're outside and they have obviously been keeping the mosquito population down, which you have to be pretty thankful for.

As always, I have been keeping up with my garden and just the other day I discovered a "female flower" starting on one of my pumpkin vines. So at 6 AM this morning I got up (I wasn't asleep yet anyways...) and made sure to pollinate it. I am determined to get a pumpkin out of this crop. With any luck the little bulb will start to grow into a recognizable pumpkin.

On the artistic side of my life I have started a mini "art journal". My journals have always ended up just being odd pieces of emotional art, so I thought, why don't I just make an art book with nothing but my emotional pieces? I have yet to make up a small binder to keep them in but I've worked up about five pieces finished already. Things have been quite productive here, it's been making me feel quite good actually.

There really is so many things to look forward to in life, you know? Sometimes I don't understand how so many people can only look at the negatives and get themselves down so much. If they stopped and looked at the nice things in life, even the little things like a sunny day...I don't want to think about anything negative anymore. Good things will outweigh the bad.

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