Monday, July 18, 2011

Ship Shape

It. Is. Hot.

Like a great many of places around, it has been sweltering hot here and is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Goodness me...Now I'm generally pretty tolerant of hotter weather, I usually get so cold fast, but today just feels different. I absolutely hate this sweaty, humid feeling. The main floor of our house is actually quite cool, but upstairs (where my work room happens to be) is absolutely boiling. At a time of 7:20 pm the sun has just been covered over with clouds and a less than ridiculously hot breeze is finally coming in.

With all of this heat I don't get any work done during the day, then at night there has been these absolutely insane little, I guess, fruit flies that can fit through the screens in the windows. To prevent them you have to turn off the lights, which means no work gets done then either. I've been trying to trudge along through it, but after breathing in a few of those little bugs up my nose...ugh, just awful. I suppose the one upside of the heat is that it's been a great distraction from other more serious, rather depressing thoughts. So despite my complaints, I guess I have to say thank you to the sun.

Now for these photos. I had found this old print of a ship in the attic at our old hotel just before we had sold it. I love the aged patina of it...I'm hoping to find more framed works that have a similar old patina to go with it. Sometimes I just can't understand what draws me to things that are so worn, neglected, or damaged...

On a final note, I was thinking it might be rather fun to pick up some small, aged, round photo frames for some little art pieces. Have the old look I like, but with something of my own. With the lack of garage sales as of late I wonder if I'll actually find anything before the snow falls. Time will tell.

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