Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Year Dear

One year ago tomorrow the sky was grey, the grass was green, it rained but it wasn't cold, and the mosquitos were almost as bad as this year. My umbrella was getting a lot of lovin' and you weren't swarmed by sandflies when you walked out the door.

Tomorrow there is only a 40% chance of rain for the morning with comfortably warm tempertures and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. Two two lobster tails chill in my freezer awaiting a boiling pot of water and butter. What else will be tomorrow remains to be seen, no plans, see where the wind blows.

Tomorrow is Dustin and my first anniversary. One year ago tomorrow was our first date, and the first time I'd seen him in years. Nervousness and blushing. I gave him the white instax camera I had won and just came in the mail two days earlier, and we watched movies. Rather, we watched one movie and we snuggled and kissed the rest of the time. It's hard to believe that it's been a year already. So to my one and only Dust Bunny, I love you. We'll have many more crazy years ahead to share.

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