Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garage Goodies

Friday is truly a great day. Especially when it's summer and there's a fair list of garage sales going on. Yesterday, being Friday, was no exception. Dad, Dustin, and I took a trip to our nearest little city and stopped off at at least twenty five garage sales, and I must say...I got the best deals.

Not including some new fabrics, I only spent about $5.10 yesterday. Yes, only $5.10 for this lot of greatness. The most expensive buy here being the 1960 copy of Chatelaine, which even at $2 was still a nice buy. Am I a lucky thrify lass or what? The purple, orange, and pink patterned piece you see in the photos is actually a long skirt that I decided was extremely cozy for lounging around in the grass and tending to my, rather sad, little garden.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster was another garage sale find I picked up about two weeks or so ago now. It was actually the little bit of sunshine on a very bad day...I hadn't slept and arrived at that garage sale around 7:30 AM, which for me is when I should be in a nice deep sleep, and with all kinds of drama going on at the time it was as if the mixer was saying "It's okay now, I'm here...let's make cookies". There was another there, a white one, which is the one I noticed first, but it was in rather rough shape so after spotting the silver I immediately took it instead. At 25$ it was exactly what I needed.

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