Monday, June 13, 2011

Dragging Me Down
Another one of these days. How frequent they are becoming. I find myself wondering why I bother anymore...It gets harder and harder to try, to care, when the person you knew becomes something else more and more each day. I feel as though I've been tricked into this, promises and lies just to find out who you really are. It feels like the end, but I just don't want to see it because I'm holding onto the past, when things were happy, when you tried, when you cared...when you were someone else, someone I thought I knew.

I'm a fool...

Sometimes I think the weather knows how I feel. It's been very up and down today. A tiny bit of sun, then rain, clear, rain, heavy rain, thunder, calm, rain, and another crack of thunder...It's dark and rather dreary. It's nice though, when it thunders Hades loves to cuddle up, making things just a bit better. Ol' fluffy...heh.

Dreading tomorrow...


  1. Relationships can be hard, sometimes its about communicating how we feel to the other person. we are all a mixture of good and bad, and our needs and wants fluctuate. The first year of a marriage is hard, because the whole build up to the wedding was the focus, after that it is finding balance and focussing on something else. Romance isn't all wine and roses, it is sometimes about finding the extra ordinary in the every day together.

  2. Thank you for your reply Susanna, but I wish that was the problem here. There are actually a number of serious...and I mean very serious issues going on that I only wish were normal.