Monday, May 16, 2011

Flowers & Flooding

Today, like the past few days, was a beautiful sunny day. Warm, but not too warm, with a slight cool breeze. I started to dig up my new garden, getting it ready for a nice large crop of mostly pumpkins (three varieties; giants, jack-o-lanterns, and pie pumpkins), corn, carrots, beets, and dill. I'm actually pretty excited about it, I haven't had a garden since I was young, so it will be quite the experience.

Other than vegetables I've decided to grow a few flowers in the flower beds in front of the house, which have gone unused for years. Years. It will be refreshing for the house, add a little bit of color and whimsy, something this place is missing. I greatly look forward to getting my own place, having sunflowers in front of the house, a big pumpkin patch in the backyard, and a little greenhouse so I can have plants growing all year long. Not an unrealistic dream either, we have been looking at houses in our small price range, and a greenhouse wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Eventually even a windmill or solar panels would be idea. Yes, if you hadn't guessed this house will be some sort of hippie heaven. Unique and eclectic. It will be beautiful.

While the fella and I were in town a few days ago we had noticed that the greenhouse was open and decided to go check out what they had. Greenhouses are pretty amazing really, and always so warm and inviting. They had plenty of colorful flowers of loveliness and each one would have looked amazing in a pot in my window, hehe. Though I did favor one plant in particular, the Osteospermum. They are a daisy-like plant, and I love daisies. Quite unique really, white and yet...they have this strange purple tint, with a darker purple center as well as some orange pollen. Just lovely. Dustin bought me one of the lovelies, and made my day. What a sweetie. I pulled out my rainbow striped clay pot that I had once attempted to grow basil in (unsuccessfully) and plopped it in there. As usual I had to document it with photos.

In a rather unrelated story, after finishing up a bit of digging in my new garden Dustin and I decided to enjoy what was left of the daylight and drive down to the local ski hill, since he hadn't seen it when it wasn't completely covered in snow. Now, we've been having serious flooding problems here in Manitoba and our area is no exception. We walked down the hill a bit to where the river beside had flooded up quite a bit. I took a few photos and we both sat down on some makeshift stairs that I believe once went to a dock for the summer.

The weather was prefect, the sun was slowly going down, and you could see where a beaver had started work to try and dam up the water. Silly beavers. Now while sitting quite calmly we noticed that the beaver was actually swimming toward nearby where we were sitting. I slowly pulled the video camera out of my bag, started filming, and the beaver walked up on shore quite close to us. We watched and stayed still. He proceeded to get angry at a rock, grunting and pushing it out of his way. Then, and I swear this is a true story, he turned around, farted (yes, farted) then swam away. I kid you not. We laughed. A lot.

Perhaps that seems juvenile to some, but man was it funny. What a once in a lifetime experience. It's silly times like those that really give you stories to tell and laugh about. Life is good.


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