Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's not often that I make chocolate treats, so for a change I made up a small batch of chocolate cookies. It's the first time I've made chocolate cookies like this and they turned out really well, and they were so soft, almost cake-like, which is how I like my cookies.

The cookies were actually really quick to make and really quite simple. The ingredients were the usual sorts of the things you have around your baking cupboard so they would be great for a last minute treat. Overall a great recipe that will be a staple in my cook book.

One of these days I'm going to get around to picking up some new plates and display bits for my photos. I'm fairly satisfied with the way my photos turn out now, but soon enough it's going to get pretty dull. I'm wondering what sort of plates to get though...maybe a fun tablecloth would help, maybe add some color to the mix. Soon enough garage sales will start up again and older ladies will have their old dish-wares for sale, much to my enjoyment, and photos will change up a bit.

Ahh, well, here's the cookies!

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