Monday, March 21, 2011

Sherwin, Sure Doesn't Win Today

Today feels awful. I'm trying to think of happy, carefree, interesting things...but it goes back to the same tormenting thoughts and there seems to be nothing I can words, no resolution, nothing I can do. I feel as though I've failed. I feel hateful and angry. Unpleasant...

Attempting to sew a fun, happy, rainbowy long sleeve shirt in hopes it will even cheer me up slightly...and it's doing nothing. As happy as the colors are in front of my eyes, I just don't feel them. Perhaps this shirt will turn out to be darker than planned? I guess we'll see.

Even the 1959 Home Decorator booklet that arrived in the mail today failed to bring a little sunshine to this dreary day. I uploaded the photos from it, and they are lovely...especially the kitchens that I usually get excited over and oggle...but not today. I uploaded them to my flickr and that was that. Perhaps another day I will be more excited for them. Do check them out though, it's a shame for them not to be enjoyed.

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