Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, Betty!

I've been in a baking mood these last few days, if you didn't notice. I've also been dreaming a great deal about my future house and the lovely old style kitchen I shall have. Oh I shall. I already have a start on my kitchen goodies, some of which you've seen in previous posts, some that will be harder to photograph properly until in a kitchen setting, properly displayed.

Good stuff? Oh yes. The baking cups were something our family had hanging around, and I believe this Mirro press was from a garage sale, though it's hard to say since we have three or so around the house at the moment. Then of course the polka dotted handmade pot holders. Moo.

I suppose part of this baking bonanza was partly due to the fact that I had ordered a fantastic little Betty Crocker cake booklet (from I believe about the 1950's) filled with amazing old cake photos and ideas. Photo snippets are actually in my flickr account now, the rest will be there soon enough. Take a peek!

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